Holding Evelyn

This sweet iPhone photo couldn't wait for the next January phone dump, it needed to be blogged right away! Sam asked me earlier this week if he could hold Evelyn.  This was the first time he'd ever asked and probably only the third time he'd ever held her.  He's always been good to her and enjoyed being around her and talking to her, but was very insistent (up until now) that he had no desire to hold her.  So when he asked on this particular morning, I jumped at the chance and grabbed my phone for some photos and video.  And no, despite what Sam says in the video, there are no plans to have yet another baby...

We Were Snow Surprised

We woke up to a surprise dusting of snow last week.  It was a surprise to those of us in this house, at least.  If it was forecasted, we somehow missed the warning.  Sam immediately asked to go out and play, so I bundled him up, sent him out the door, and hurried myself back inside the warm house!  I stood at our living room window for some photos, but did brave the elements later with the camcorder for some video.  Sam had a blast in the backyard snow.  He was disappointed when I made him come inside.  He'd been out there a while and like most Texas children, does not have proper snow clothes!  His little mittens from the Target dollar bin just weren't cutting it.  The really bad news came about an hour later - school had been cancelled; too much ice on the roads.  Sam cried; he loves school so much.  Mommy cried a little, too, on the inside, because oh, how I love school, too.  :)

A Visit From Granny

Granny came over for a visit last week.  We had lunch and she played with the kids.  Before she left we decided to get a photo of her with Sam.  I took several shots, waiting for a normal smile from Sam.  Granny Nell looked exactly the same in all the shots.  She just smiled and froze, waiting patiently, looking great.  This was the best I got from Sam; a little goofy, but that pretty much sums him up on this particular day.  Thanks for a fun visit, Granny.

December 2012 Phone Dump

It's amazing to me how far cameras have come, especially when it comes to the cameras on our phones.  When Sam was born I didn't have an iPhone, which was probably good because I could spend all my free time learning my DSLR.  I upgraded to one when he was around two and as much as I loved it, it was a used 3GS and didn't take the best pictures, although part of that was user-error, I'm sure.  Upgrading again a few months ago, this time to the 4S, was pretty exciting and I'm enjoying taking pictures and learning "iPhonogaphy" as it's come to be known.  People poke fun at iPhone photography (have you seen the filthy yet hilarious Instagram parody on YouTube?), but it's also insanely popular and definitely not going anywhere.  While I am trying to learn how to take better pictures with it, I love how using my iPhone allows me to worry less about the technical stuff I have to pay attention to when shooting with my big camera and just have fun capturing the moment.  I can worry about just light and composition (or neither of those and just snap for fun, as is often the case) and not have to be fiddling with a bunch of settings to get the perfect shot.  I can add a funky filter and not obsess about too much grain.  It's a nice thing to have when "Mark" and I need a break.

As is the case with my big camera, too, I need to make a conscious effort to get those photos off the camera(phone) and onto the blog.  Before sitting down to make some collage templates on Photoshop this week (which I'm not very good at), I decided to do a quick search for some ready-made templates.  I was surprised and super excited to find

this set of eight templates

on Etsy for only $2.50.  What a steal!  I'd like to do a "phone dump", as they're called, at least once a month if not more often, but with a preschooler and an infant I can't make any promises!  I decided to start with some of our best from December and then post regularly from here on out. 

So, let's get these pictures off my phone, shall we?  Here is a gratuitous amount of iPhone photos of my children, which according to the Instagram parody, I take because I'm a thirty-something! :)

Enjoy our December collage!

Christmas shopping with Evie | making this year's gingerbread house | Chrismas morning | antlers from Ms. Heather | baby burrito | Christmas morning | cake from Joyce and Don | sleeping through our icy drive home

Evie's Christmas loot | just finished a parking lot-meal | another baby burrito | full tummy | making headbands

naptime profile | tummy time | editing on the bed with Mommy | Sam took our picture!


stretchy | making Spritz cookies | watching TV | carseat | snoozing with Daddy on the couch

The Good Book

He chose this book all on his own.  Thousands of books in the library and he chooses one that we have at home, a children's Bible.  And we have this exact Bible, too.  He was very interested in a particular page - the story where "a man had mud on his eyes".   He finished reading and said to me "I love the Bible".  What a sweet boy...

Imaginary Musician

Sam called me in the other day to see his "band".  He had both guitars out and had made a drum set out of blankets and books, using wooden chopsticks as his drumsticks.  He was rockin' out to The Fresh Beat Band soundtrack.  I didn't catch any photos of him at his homemade drum set, but I did get this one of him strumming his guitar.  Such a serious musician...

A Rare Sight

Sam hasn't napped regularly in almost two years.  He's a good nighttime sleeper, he just dropped his nap pretty early on.  As soon as I found out I was pregnant with Evie, we reinstated naptime, but renamed it "rest time". I had the typical first trimester (and third trimester) fatigue and needed some time to lay down and take a nap, and it's still a part of our daily routine. The only rest time rule is Sam has to stay in his room.  Every day I remind him he can play, read, or sleep, and every day he informs me, "I will not sleep during rest time".  And he doesn't.

But yesterday was different.  He told me he was going to lay down on his bed and he did.  He pulled the covers over his head and fell asleep.  I got nervous with him being asleep under a heavy duvet, so I went in and pulled the covers back.  He was drenched in sweat.  He looked at me, then closed his eyes and went back to sleep.  It was awesome.

While he slept, I laid Evie on our bed and organized my drawers and closet (woo-hoo! exciting!).  The light was pretty enough at one point that I decided to stop cleaning for a little photo shoot with my baby girl.  Not long after we started I got up from the window seat to change lenses and caught this view of her in my dresser mirror.  I decided, for some reason, that this was the image of her I wanted.  I think I just liked how tiny she looked in our room and on our bed.  It was kind of fun trying to capture an image within a reflection.  So much for that whole "sleep when the kids sleep" idea - I was busy during naptime!

As for Sam's nap - he woke up two hours later refreshed and in a great mood, but I paid for all that peace and quiet later, as his head didn't hit the pillow again until 10:00 that night.  Arghh.