We Were Snow Surprised

We woke up to a surprise dusting of snow last week.  It was a surprise to those of us in this house, at least.  If it was forecasted, we somehow missed the warning.  Sam immediately asked to go out and play, so I bundled him up, sent him out the door, and hurried myself back inside the warm house!  I stood at our living room window for some photos, but did brave the elements later with the camcorder for some video.  Sam had a blast in the backyard snow.  He was disappointed when I made him come inside.  He'd been out there a while and like most Texas children, does not have proper snow clothes!  His little mittens from the Target dollar bin just weren't cutting it.  The really bad news came about an hour later - school had been cancelled; too much ice on the roads.  Sam cried; he loves school so much.  Mommy cried a little, too, on the inside, because oh, how I love school, too.  :)