Rock-N-Roll Birthday

What a party! Sam's sooo into music, especially "wock-n-woll", that we decided to have a rock-n-roll party for his third birthday.  We had a great time decorating and opening presents, but the party wouldn't been as fun as it was if it hadn't been for Sam's performance.  I'm so happy he decided to sing some of his favorites for his guests.  He's a real rock-n-roll star!

Granny Nell and Aunt Dell arrive with lots of presents

A special book from Granny

Micky Mouse Sing-Along from Gram and Pops

Pennies from Aunt Dell - always!

Sam thought it was hilarious that we were singing just to him!

Some record decorations with Sam's favorite songs          A sprinkle cake - sprinkles inside and out!

Yummy pasta salad, veggies and chips and dips!

I found these questionnaires online to use with kids each year on their birthday. 

Here's Sam's Third Birthday Interview!