Sam's making friends....slowly but surely. He and I have joined a couple of playgroups to meet other mommies and their kids. We've been to a few events and they've been lots of fun. I've even been to a couple of Moms-Night-Out events including a wine tasting and a coupon class. Everything's organized online now, through site called Meetup. It's pretty neat!

Sam's always very quiet at first, and does his little scowl whenever a new person says hi or, for that matter, merely looks at him. But eventually he warms up and starts smiling and babbling and everyone ends up loving him. These pictures were taken at Chick-Fil-A in the play area. A first for us! This three-year-old boy loved Sam, and Sam was in awe of him, until a Chick-Fil-A employee gave him his very own balloon to take home. Then it was all about the balloon. Oh, Sam!

Our March calendar is full of playdates (except for next week when we have some very special visitors coming to Texas) and our April calendar is filling up quickly.  It's fun to get out together and I enjoy watching Sam interact with other kids.  He's something else!