Check Up

Sam's a growing boy! He had his 12 month check-up last week and is doing great. He screamed, arched his back, kicked his feet and dug his fingers into my shoulders anytime the doctor or nurses so much as looked at him, but other than that everything is as it should be. He's in the 50th percentile for height and weight and the 90/95th for head (surprise, surprise).

Doc said he doesn't care that he's not walking yet - doesn't even care if he waits till he's 15, 16, 17, months, and really neither do we. There are times when I wish he could walk so we could do things like play at the park, but I know the other side of what walking will bring, so I can definitely wait. Dr. G. is more concerned with a baby's speech development at this age, which is funny because anytime we meet someone, their first question is, "Is he walking yet?".  Although he says a few words, Sam's not the chattiest person you'll ever meet, of course, neither are his mom and dad. He and I talk and read and sing from morning till night, so he's learning about language for sure.

I have to start brushing his teeth (we're at three teeth now, with three more poking through as we speak), so a baby toothbrush and special fluoride-less toothpaste (now called "cleanser") is on my list. Goodness!  I'm curious to see how that goes...

He can start drinking cow's milk now, which he's really starting to like.  At first the only way he'd drink it was if I added apple juice to it (I know, gross), but I just kept decreasing the juice until it was all milk and now he gulps it down with no problem.  Here he is drinking his first glass!

We also changed the car seat around so it's facing front. Sam had to be over 20 pounds and over 12 months and we're finally there! He LOVES facing forward and I'm glad he can see where we're going now. The only down-side is that the car seat is at a different angle now, so when he falls asleep his little head slumps forward. Here he is a few minutes after leaving the doctors office (don't worry, I was parked). All that screaming wore him out.  Look at those cheeks!