Today You Are Six Months

Dear Samuel, I can't believe it. You are 6 months old today! How can this be? Your baby calendar was full of notes this month, you accomplished so much. This month you...

rolled over and over and over - yea!
began rolling in your crib, would get stuck and cry for all hours of the night!
started babbling buh-buh and ma-ma; I know you're not saying "mama" yet, but I like to pretend you are!
practiced and perfected eating rice cereal
got a new high chair
were good for Gram and Pops while they babysat you on Mommy's birthday
grew out of this second round of clothes and hats and booties
started sitting up in your stroller on our walks
got your first set of dishes - a plate, a bowl and a cup
learned how to shake your rattle - you even shake your arm when you're not holding a rattle!
reached out to pet Sophie. I can tell you will be a "dog-person" like Mom and Dad.
visited Uncle Andrew at work and were a big hit with the ladies!
brought joy to your family each and every day!

Happy 6 months!