Splish Splash - A Little Bird Bath

Bathtime is one of the best parts of the day. If Sam's sleepy or grumpy before his bath, he usually perks up once he hits the water. It's easy to get him to talk and laugh if he's soaking in the tub. As a newborn, he would scream after his bath while I was trying to get him dressed; it was so stressful. But now he loves after-bath time just as much as the bath itself. We do lotion, diaper and jammies and he really comes alive! He bangs his legs up and down on the changing table and squwaks and squeals.

I almost always do bath before bed because it's part of our nighttime routine. But on the day these photos were taken, I had given him a bath in the morning and the light in his room was so good, I decided to get some shots of him in his little-man bathrobe which is on loan from a friend. The video was shot a couple of nights before. Of course, he doesn't talk much in it - he sees that camera and clams up!

Enjoy little Samuel, squeaky clean!