Today You Are Five Months

Dear Samuel, Today you are five months. Like Daddy said, "you are a whole hand". This past month you:

found new kinds of SQUWAKS!
wowed your surgeon and nurses with how cooperative and sweet you were the day of your surgery - that was a tough day...thanks for making it easier on Mommy and Daddy by being so good
became more wiggly - half the pictures I took of you were blurry!
learned how to roll from your back onto your side and....
came sooooo close to rolling over all the way
got even better at tummy time especially when watching your new giraffe
laughed and laughed when Mommy found your tickle spots on the side of your ribs
were such a good baby when the air went out and the house was 87 degrees when we got home from your surgery. Amazing!
got your first baseball cap
started getting up more in the middle of the night to eat, instead of less...grrr....
tried rice cereal and spit most of it out
got the morning nap down pat!
laughed at everything Sophie did - she's hilarious isn't she?
got a couple of new chairs - a high chair and a Bumbo
met your Great Great Aunt Carol
did lots of shopping with Mom and Gram - Central Market, Watter's Creek, WillowBend
had your 4 month check up and passed with flying colors
started splashing in your bath while we sing the bubble song
became so much more alert
talked and talked and talked
drooled and drooled and drooled
put EVERYTHING you could get your hands on into your mouth
went to the pool once, but didn't go in the water because you're too little, so we just visited with friends
continued to love trees
started waking up and playing in your crib or talking to your fan before calling for Mommy to come get you
played with your toys more - you like your keys and your teething bracelet best
have become VERY easy to distract while eating, which makes feeding you quite difficult!
began laying on our bed each day to watch Mommy do her hair
started fake coughing - at least we think it's fake - you seem to just like making that noise!
took your clothes off a lot - we found socks off in your crib, pj pants off in your crib a couple of times, and you started taking your shirt off for your picture today
also started arching your back when we put you in your car seat - that's fun!
seemed to enjoy playing peek-a-boo and you even like being surprised a little bit - so brave!
started looking a little like Mommy...maybe? I hope...just a little?
are the perfect size - I love holding you on my hip, especially when you rest your head against me. You're strong enough to hold yourself upright while we walk around, and you aren't too heavy yet. It's the greatest thing ever!

I love you, Little Sam. What else can I say, you're just the best-est.