Roly Poly Sam

He did it! He rolled over! Tummy to back. Gram was over, helping me watch Sam while I got started on a large Etsy order that came in last night. She took Sam in his room to put away some of his laundry for me. He was on his tummy and all of a sudden he just decided that, by golly, it was time to roll over.

Mommy the kitchen. Fixing a sandwich. This will not come as a surprise to many people reading this blog - always hungry.

I rushed in to see the second roll and then grabbed the video camera for the third. I'd always wondered, once he rolled over, would he do it over and over again right away or would he wait a while before doing it again? Now I know.

Daddy's at work tonight, so we'll have this blog up and ready for him to view when he gets home. He asks me almost every night when he gets home, "Did he roll over tonight?". Now I can say YES!