Today You Are Four Months

Dear Samuel, Today you are four months. My, what changes we have seen in you! This month you:

laughed for the first time - at Mommy!
laughed at Daddy, too, and Gram and Pops and the list goes on and on...
found your feet - you occasionally grab them and pull on them
celebrated Father's Day with Daddy
grew some big-time sticky-up hair
did some more yard work with Mom and Dad
didn't need to go to the doctor for a sick or well-baby visit
made it through your first big scary storm
got better at tummy time, though you still don't like it
started grabbing for toys - you love to grab Monkey's hands, Whale's tail and Mommy's face when we snuggle (and Mommy's hair when I carry you and you're angry...)
possibly started teething, we're still not sure, but you're definitely a drool machine!
have been all over the map regarding your sleep - going anywhere from 4 hours a night to 11.
started watching Puppy a little more - she's always up to something isn't she?
have been learning to relax for a nap
continue to love taking walks in your carrier with Mommy and Daddy.
discovered a new sound you can make - it's in the back of your throat and we call it a love to make this sound in the morning and wake Daddy up.

Your next month will be eventful, I just know it. Can't wait stinkerpot!