Aunt Carol Is Great Great!

Sam met his Great Great Aunt Carol this week. We had lots of fun while she was here. We took Sam on his first visit to Central Market, our favorite grocery store in the whole-wide world. Gram carried Sam in the Baby Bjorn for the first time (very exciting). We thought Sam was most intrigued by the colorful produce department until we got to the beer aisle, where he was clearly mesmerized by the cool air and pretty-colored bottles and boxes. Takes after Daddy, I guess. We stopped shopping for a tasty lunch and a nice chat.
After Central Market, we did some shopping at Willow Bend and got Sam this super-cool baseball cap at Janie and Jack. All the shop-girls thought he was the cutest and they said "He looks soooo good in navy!" :)
Aunt Carol brought Sam lots of cute, big-boy clothes that he can wear later this year and next year. She also had a suitcase full of toys that Lydia, Paige and Claire are passing on to Samuel, including a wooden giraffe which proved to be a favorite, along with a pretty beaded "bracelet" teether that was nice to chew on.

She was very good at entertaining Samuel, with her "tan fingers" and her cool tweety-bird noises. As you can tell from the pictures, Sam found Aunt Carol to be one fascinating lady. And, of course, Sam was good at entertaining us as well. The video below is of Sam "talking" to us all after dinner last night.

Thanks for coming to visit, Carol. You sure are Great-Great! We can't wait to see you again!