Lavendar Festival

Brian and I took the kids up to Lavender Ridge Farm in Gainsville for the festival they have each year at the beginning of summer.  The last time I was there, Sam was about two and we spent the day clipping stalks of lavender and exploring the farm.  There wasn't really enough lavender on the bushes to cut any that day, but there was plenty of other interesting things to see.

We browsed the antiques, found our favorite homemade soap vendor who we'd first discovered at the Denton Market, and looked at each and every animal several times over.  

Sam really loved the birds and the chickens and Evie liked the koi fish in the fountain.  The most unusual animals there that day were the alpacas.  It was a mom and her baby and they made the funniest sound.  They have huge eyes and fluffy fur.  We got to feel some of their wool after it's shorn and see how it looks as the yarn in sweaters, hats, and scarves (which were also for sale on the farm!)

I just like photographing the farm; finding little things that catch my eye.  It had changed a little bit since I was there last, which gave me knew things to snap!  Here's a link to the post I did back in 2011 when Sam and I visited Lavender Ridge together: Lavender Ridge June 2011