Library Girl

Evie and I went to the library on Monday with some photography friends.  Most of the pictures I took of her there were outtakes (i.e. blurry messes), but I still caught a few of her in action.  She's such a busy little thing at the library, it's hard to keep her still long enough to snap a photo.  She enjoys the books and likes to watch the other kids play with the alphabet puppets, but her favorite thing by far is the play kitchen.  She's so busy fixing everyone tea and oatmeal and soup.  She shared nicely with the other little kids there, too, which was a pleasant surprise for Mommy!

We brought home a couple of books for her; a full-size version of the "strawberry book" (which she has memorized!), a couple of books with photographs of baby faces, a book about colors and a book about numbers.  She likes to read the number book and point to the objects in a very random way and say "one, two, free, four, five, six...". She isn't counting one-to-one, but she gets from one to ten and always sounds very proud of herself for doing so.

The tricky part of taking her to the library is finding a way to get her out of there without her screaming and throwing a tantrum.  Food usually works.  This particular day we needed get groceries so I asked her if she was ready to go get a slice of pizza from Market Street and then get food for dinner.  It worked!  

Until next time, library!