The Spritz Tradition

Christmas doesn't start until the first Spritz is baked!  Having done this for the last several years, Sam is a pro at making our favorite Christmas cookie.  Now Evie's old enough to learn how to help make them.  Sam graduated to coloring the dough this year so Gram and I could teach Evie how to decorate with sprinkles.  She was quite a forceful sprinkler, so Gram had to tape all the holes closed but one!  The only thing she'd sprinkled up to this point was parmesan cheese on her spaghetti, so she kept asking to put "more cheese" on the cookies.  Silly Evie!

Gram's antique cookie press has been on the fritz for several years and finally died this Christmas, so we had to press the design disks into the dough by hand.  But it worked great and the Spritz were as yummy as ever!  Thanks, Gram!