Fall Wall


Do not proceed if you're squeamish about blood and boo-boos!

Well, we made it almost six years.  Five-plus years of parenting and this was our first trip to the emergency room.  Evie fell last Saturday while we were playing at Gram and Pops' house, and managed to slam the very middle of her head right on the edge of where two walls meet.  It made an awful sound.  She didn't trip over anything; just over her toddler-self, I guess.  Quite honestly, we're all shocked she almost made it to two-years-old before having an accident, as active as she is.  Pops found her first, just as I was running to her, and he picked her up and passed her to me, blood running down her forehead.

We tried an after-hours children's urgent care place first, but they sent us over to Children's Medical.  She cried for a while and then perked up a bit on the drive over.  Having Gram in the back seat sure was a nice distraction for her.  She was fine in the room while we were waiting for the nurses to stitch her up, but as soon as any hospital staff came in the room she cried.  Playing peek-a-boo with Daddy and wearing his glasses helped pass the time a little bit.  While Evie and Daddy and I played in the hospital room, Sam and Gram and Pops colored some pictures for her in the waiting area and took a walk on the hospital grounds.  We had to keep him busy - he was definitely a bit shaken-up and worried about his baby sister.

As you can see from the pictures, this cut was a doozy.  It took six stitches and there's very likely to be a scar.  Lots of Mederma and sunscreen for a while, too.  But she was excellent during the stitching.  She spent the whole time screaming "Mama", pausing only once to beg, "Please stop", but she didn't squirm too much and the nurses kept saying how great she was doing for someone her age.  I stayed with her under the little paper sheet they put over her face, so she could see one of us, and Daddy watched the stitching, giving me updates as they worked.  He held on to me, too, keeping me calm since it's really hard to hear your baby cry for you like that.

A few days after her accident, Evie and I were playing on the couch and she looked at me and said "Gram. Pops. House. Fall. Waaaallll!".  So far, that was the only time she said anything like that about her injury, and that pretty much summed it up!

We're proud of her for being so brave and hope she'll do this well the next time, too.  Because knowing our crazy Evie-girl, there will be a next time!