I took this picture pre-forehead injury but I'm just now getting around to posting it.  This image is mostly for me, so I can remember.

This is how I see Evelyn, every day, same time, same place.  The minute we get home from walking Sam to school, Evie heaves herself up on the couch and asks for "Beesth" and we watch a couple episodes before starting our day.  This is not only her favorite show, it's the only show she'll watch when Sam's not around.  It's really called "The Hive", but we call it "Bees".  It's on Netflix and it's about a hive of little English bees, so of course, Mommy loves it, too.  If you ask Evie which bee is her favorite she'll tell you, "Rubeeee!".  I'll tell her Jasper the wasp is my favorite and she always replies, "No! Jas naughtyyyyy!" complete with a little British inflection.  She's right.  He's a naughty little wasp.