A Story and a Slice

I took my little birdies to Denton yesterday.  We went to Recycled Books and Records to get Sam his first reading reward for the summer.  He chose an old Syd Hoff book, The Horse in Harry's Room and then the kids did their general running-around there, mostly in between the shelves in the reading nooks with the awesome green shag carpeting.  We were all starving after playing around at the bookstore so it didn't take much convincing from Sam for me to make our next stop J&J's Pizza.  They have a booth now, right by the big window, so of course, we had to sit there - great light!

After lunch we walked around the courthouse, as we always do, and Sam slid down the concrete staircase railings and chased squirrels around the lawn.  We decided to pop into the old-fashioned candy shop, but just to look!  Our last stop was a store called "Scrap Denton" where people can donate fabric, yarn, and other craft supplies they don't need so that people can purchase them inexpensively for whatever project they're working on.  We found a tub of bottlecaps in between the wine corks and the random puzzle pieces, and since Sam has started a collection we had to grab some, especially at only 25 cents a handful!  I grabbed a handful and counted them - about twenty - then put them back and told him to pick out his favorite twenty.  He was excited to find one with a Texas!  All that made for a busy afternoon for us, so we headed home for naptime, all of us (but especially Mama) 

completely exhausted