Sam's Rockin' New Year's Day Party

The Straka family started 2014 off right with an awesome New Year's Day party planned in its entirety by our one-and-only Sam.  After watching Peppermint Patty throw a party for Charlie Brown and the Gang on his favorite cartoon, Sam decided he needed to throw a New Year's Party, too.  

After Christmas we sat down and wrote out his plans.  Really, his only must-haves were marshmallows, root beer (which he'd never had before, but tried at the party) and dancing.  Mommy knew that we needed more to eat than marshmallows so we added ingredients for tacos to our list.  We headed out to Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree for our decorations and we had ourselves a Par.Tay.

I think Brian's diggin' his tiara...

The blowers were a big, big hit.  Evie tried her hardest to make them go and Sam figured out how to use them to bop balloons in the air.

Happy 2014!