Embrace the Rain - Clickin Walk 2013

A couple of weeks ago I got together with some photographer friends for a photo walk on the SMU campus.  We were out shooting as part of Clickin Moms' 3rd annual photo walk.  I chose not to go last year because I was ginormously pregnant with Evelyn, but I went the first year when we walked Dallas' Bishop Arts District and it's a tradition I hope I can be a part of each year.   

Last year it rained really hard on the participants and we all thought surely, here in Dallas, it wouldn't rain on the photo walk two years in a row.  Wrong we were.  It was tough, no doubt.  It felt very strange to have the camera out in this kind of weather.  I had picked up a rain sleeve from the camera shop on my way down to campus, but I was still uneasy.  The sky was dark and the trees were drippy.  My arms were twisted and crampy trying to steady the camera with just one hand, while holding the umbrella in the other. 

But I have to say...I kind of liked shooting in the rain.  It made me look at things differently - lots of reflections, lines, puddles and droplets.  The gloominess lent itself well to processing in black and white, which I always need to work on.  Most importantly, rain or shine, I had an excuse to photograph something other than the kids for a change!  

After our walk we all enjoyed dinner at Torchy's Tacos and had lots of uninterruped, grown-up conversations!  My only regret is that I didn't shoot more.  I think the rain threw me off?  I just didn't bring that many shots home and then culled that down to just these four.  Although, that is four more than I thought I had when I left that night, so I guess that's good!

This is the view that greeted me as I walked out of the parking garage, camera in-hand.  Lots of raindrops!

A cobblestone sidewalk under a canopy of trees.  We were making our way to The Boulevard where we enjoyed a little break in the rain and a second or two of sun.  That's my friend Liesl taking pictures under her umbrella!

My last shot of the day turned out to be my favorite.  A great way to end our walk.  Already looking forward to next year!