Fall Planting

I was itching to photograph something this weekend, but couldn't bear to snap another photo of the back of my child's head as he/she ran/crawled away from me.  

The weather was perfect both Saturday and Sunday and we had lots of mums and pansies and sweet potato vines to plant, so out to the yard I went, macro lens in hand.  I really need to play with this lens more.  It's quite a challenge to shoot macro, especially after drinking a big cup of coffee (*shakes*), but lots of fun to see the final product, blurry water droplets and all.

Sam "helped" me with some of the fall planting and porch cleaning, and in his underpants, no less.  After I cleaned up all his messes and mine, the front and back yards both looked really nice.  I can't wait to see everything filled in.  So glad autumn is finally here.