Beach Babies

We met up last week with some of our Lens Baby friends for a day at the "beach".  If our California family had been with us they might have felt "beach" was a bit of a misnomer.  It's more like a small stretch of sand, or a large sandbox if you will, alongside Lake Lewisville.  But having not yet seen the real-deal, this little pseudo-beach was plenty exciting for my two!  It's pretty nice to have something like this smack-dab in the middle of North Texas, about twenty minutes from our house in fact!

We decided to meet here to let the kids play in the sand and water while we practiced shooting full sun, mid-day, when the sun's light is overhead and at its harshest.  As it turned out, the weather was partly-cloudy, but that was good too, as it kept us cooler (or less miserable) than we would have been otherwise.  

This was Sam's first time swimming here.  He took a minute to scope it all out, then jumped right in with the rest of the kids.  It was the perfect little spot for him to swim on his own and I was able to watch him from the shore.

This one loved the beach, too!  I wasn't sure how she'd do in the sand, but it didn't seem to faze her a bit.  I plopped her down and she played and played.  Finding this red bucket was pretty neat, too.

Evie's made her first friend, another little baby in our playgroup named Evie (pronounced Eee-vie), who is just a couple months older than she is.  She smiles whenever she sees her new friend which just cracks me up.  They had a great time at the beach, both of them watching the big kids swim while they stuffed fistfuls of sand in their mouths.  I promise my baby's not sunburned, despite her looking like a sweaty, pink Easter ham that's just been pulled from the oven.  It appears she's going to flush just as easily as her brother.  Boo.

Oh my, look at those rolls!  Is there anything cuter?  She had a great time exploring the wet sand, dry sand and rocks on the beach.  I was impressed with how well she handled all these new textures.

Eventually we had to head home for a nap, but we'll definitely go back someday this summer.  Just waiting for the forecasted highs to dip below 100!