Surprise Fan

Somebody came to Sam's t-ball game for a surprise visit...

No, it wasn't Gram or Pops.  He knew they would be there.

It was Uncle Andrew!  Tee-hee!

A former t-ball player himself, Uncle Andrew knows just how to cheer-on a group of four-year-old ball players.

We were so glad Andrew came to this game, because Sam won the game ball.  You can see him peeking over at us in one of the photos.  I'm sure he was wondering if Andrew was watching...

 After he got the game ball, Sam ran over to us and tossed the ball over by the dugout.  We told him it was his ball to keep.  He said "No fanks, I have a ball".  We insisted it was a special ball awarded to him for a job well done and he burst into tears.  He sobbed and sobbed and sobbed.  Loudly.  Poor Coach was a little uncomfortable, and probably confused as well.  We're thinking Sam was a little overwhelmed by all his visitors and trying to figure out this "game ball" business was a little much for him.

But it was nothing a trip to the donut shop and the playground couldn't cure!  Thanks for visiting, Uncle Andrew!