Evie at Six Months

Evelyn Mae you are six months today!  You are full of personality and we love watching you grow.

Your official six month chair photo

Measurements - 

weight - 19.2 lbs - 92%

length - 27.5 in. - 97%

head - 17.5 in. - 96%

Clothes - You're wearing both your 6-9 month and 6-12 month outfits.  You look pretty cute in your sundresses!

Diapers - You're still in a size 3, but they're snug and Mommy's ripped a tab or two trying to get them on you straight.  There's not a lot of wiggle room and you are very wiggly now!

Feedings - You're now eating five or six times a day for a total of about forty-five / fifty minutes a day.  You eat around 4, 10, 2, 6, 8 and 11.  

Sleeping -  You're still not sleeping through the night, though you don't ever really wake up completely.  You just need your binkie or a quick snuggle and you fall back asleep fine.  Unfortunately for Mommy and Daddy, this happens many, many times throughout the night. :)

Dr. G. asked me


"What's this baby eating?", thinking that I must be supplementing your meals with cereal, formula or other baby food.  I told him again, "Just milk!"  I'm not sure he believes me! You are a good eater and a fast eater, but each month you're more and more interested in the sights and sounds around you, so that distracts you a little.  He gave you an A+ on your check-up, though, and was very impressed with how you are doing.  Good job little girl!  He gave Mommy the go-ahead to start you on solid foods, beginning with cereal, then fruits and veggies.  Oh, boy!  We'll see how this goes.

We had a great time this month, doing fun things with you and enjoying the spring weather.  You attended all of Sam's t-ball games and loved watching the trees blow in the breeze while he played.  We took you to the park a couple of times to watch the baby ducks swim around their mama and lay under the big trees on your quilts.  You went with Sam and I to a couple of Lens Baby playdates and all the little girls, who were your size when our playgroup started, loved to stare at you and admire you.  I celebrated my first Mother's Day as a mommy of two (yay!) and we enjoyed both a tea party at Sam's school and a brunch at Gram and Pops' house.  We took you to the Denton Jazz Festival and even though it was hot, humid and crowded, you had were so go-with-the-flow and loved the music.  You went to the eye doctor with me twice and you were a BIG hit, as you are anywhere I take you.  People love your chubby cheeks and your contagious smile.

You were a bit wiggly during your photoshoot this month.  I'm starting to wonder how the next few months' chair photos are going to look!  This was the first month you were really interested in the sticker on your onesie.  I had to snap these quickly because it wasn't going to last long!

You are such a laid-back baby.  You're so chill!  The best thing about you is your smile.  You smile at everyone and everything and rarely ever cry or fuss.  A dream baby!

Oh, my!  Half a year already.  Look at you - what a sweet beautiful baby!  Happy half-birthday, Evelyn!