Black & White Beach

Sam and Evie and I took a picnic lunch to the beach Friday.  Just to be clear, by "picnic" I mean Sonic popcorn chicken, and by "beach" I mean the oversized sandbox that runs alongside a part of Lake Lewisville.  Nothing fancy, but still a fun outing.  I dressed him in this cute new shirt Granny gave him thinking I might get some colorful spring photos of him playing in the sand or climbing at the playground.   The blue in the shirt is so pretty, but for some reason, things just weren't jiving with the grass, the flowery-weed things he was picking and the sand he was jumping into once I pulled it all up on the computer to process.  Maybe it's because it was such a dark, cloudy day, these just lent themselves to moody black-and-whites.  Unexpected, but I like them.  We'll have to try cute kid in cute shirt photos again on a sunny day.  There will  plenty of those to come before we know it.

(by the way...this is my 400th post - oh my!)