Resurrection Eggs

Sam made a special project at school last week to celebrate Easter.  Each child received six plastic Easter eggs and an empty egg carton.  In each of the first five eggs they put a small object that helps tell the story of the Resurrection - a plastic palm leaf, a crouton, a small cross, a piece of cloth, and a small rock, leaving the last egg symbolically empty.

When I picked Sam up at school last Thursday he announced loudly and with great excitement (in the hallway packed with parents) that he made en-erection eggs at school this week.   My eyes got big and I giggled, then I asked him to tell me again what he had made, as if I hadn't heard him right the first time (when really this was just for my own amusement).  He repeated himself, this time with even more enthusiasm, and with a smile I replied "Oh!  Resurrection Eggs!  You'll have to tell me the story when we get home".  And he did.

By the time we got around to recording his retelling of the story he decided they were called something different - closer, but still not quite right.  Nevertheless, he tells the story well.  The things kids say!