Over She Goes

Evelyn first rolled on Easter Sunday, in her crib at about four in the morning.  She'd been rolling onto her side for a few days, clearly working really hard to roll all the way over.  Such a determined little girl!  As soon as she made it onto her tummy, she cried for someone to help her.  I think she got there and didn't know what to do next!  It was strange to go in her room and see her in her crib on her tummy as she'd only ever slept on her back up to this point.  Now she sleeps on her side or her tummy all the time at night.  She looks so cute when we go in to check on her.

It wasn't as easy getting this series of images as I thought it would be.  I had to empty out her room of all the furniture that isn't bolted to the wall, and lay on the floor on my stomach and wait.  And wait and wait and wait.  I felt like a wildlife photographer, hiding in the bushes, waiting to catch an image of little Evie in her natural habitat.  We had already taken a bunch of photos right before we tried the rolling shots, and she was definitely running low on energy.  She kept rolling on her left side, getting red in the face trying to push over, then falling again onto her back like a frustrated turtle.  You can see her red, fussy face in her mid-roll photos, and her happy, proud face in the last two!  Finally!  We did it!