February Phone Dump

Jeepers this took forever!  Not only did I take a lot of iPhone pics in February, my computer was having fits every time I tried to download them off my phone.  Took numerous tries over the last two weeks and countless computer restarts just to get things in place.  Hope March goes a little more smoothly.  Love having these little snapshots of our daily life, though, so it's still worth it.  Enjoy!

little dolly | tummy time | waiting for Brother to get home | sad face | binkie and bow | cheeks

fussy day, pretty girl | laughing at brother | doing the twist | showing her tummy

changing table | watching the Super Bowl | snoozing with Pops | snuggling with Gram | watching Ladybug

laying on her quilt at the park | shopping at Aldi | watching the boys play at the playground

first bottle | Granny Nell | at the park with Mommy

Willowbend with Great Grandma | watching Mommy cook | Uncle Randy's mini-me

playing puzzles with Daddy and Vic | birthday crown from Ms. H. | Goodnight Moon shirt | lotta sprinkles | Daddy and Sissy | birthday bowling with Daddy | Happy 4th Birthday Sam!

soccer and playground with Daddy

keepin' it real - bottom three pics are Sam's room


we cleaned, top is after, and a rare sight...

Granny Nell and Aunt Dell come to visit.  I didn't make them clean this time!

Let's just caption this little collection "future blackmail"

Sam said, "Look Mom, we're cheek-to-cheek!"

Evelyn's Valentine present | Daddy's present (chocolate!) | my Valentine presents

Sam signing Mickey Mouse Valentine cards for his class | Sam strumming his neck-roll like a guitar to a Jason Mraz song | notes from Mom and Dad in the mailbox, heart waffles in the toaster!

reading at the library | kindly spreading weeds throughout the neighborhood | scrubbing potatoes with Gram

our very own Buster Bluth | doing dishes for Gram | having fun at Hobby Lobby

stretchy Evie | Ev bored at the library | Mommy and Evie at the park on a chilly day

napping while Brother was at school | kisses from Brother

Mommy and Evie by the duck pond | Evie chillin' at Market Street | Sam kicking the ball

pretty sky at the park | wearing her new shirt and headband

smiley girl | snuggles with Daddy | trying to wake you up for the day

Sam ♥ Evie | visiting Gram | scrubbing potatoes