Evelyn is a fantastic sleeper.  She's been sleeping 8-10 hours a night for the last month.  I still can't believe it!  Sometimes she wakes me up in the morning, sometimes I have to wake her.  On this particular morning I wanted to wake her up but she had different plans.  I started out by opening her doors, then opened her blinds.  No luck, but it was a gray, rainy morning, so opening the blinds didn't do too much.  Sam and I continued on with making our breakfasts, laughing at Evie, watching her sleep through all our commotion.  We finally decided to turn on all her lights, but she just kept on snoozing.  So I grabbed my camera and started snapping.  She looked so cute in her crib, even though this is not how I lay her down at night.  Every night I start her with her head up by heartbeat bear and she somehow scooches her way down the crib and turns at least 90 degrees, sometimes more.  As long as she's swaddled nice and snug she's happy.  And that makes Mama's happy, too!