Under Construction

There have been a lot of things under construction around here:  the baby in my belly, her nursery and our family blog.  The nursery is finished, but much like the baby, the blog is not quite done.   I was bored with the look of our old blog and wanted something new, something a little cleaner and less cluttered.  I switched to a one-column template that will show off our children's smiling faces a little more than before.  I've had fun working on it, even learned a weensy-bit more about HTML, but there's still lots to do that I'm not sure I have the time or material for right now.

The header's better than before, but looks incomplete to me for some reason.  The quantity and quality of my images have been lacking lately, so the slideshow is in a "good-enough-for-now" state (a hot summer, cumbersome belly, and crabby three-year-old have made for less practice time than I'm used to).   It seemed weird to have only photos of Sam in there, too, so I added nursery photos, soon to be replaced by a few photos of Miss Evie herself.  Some image sizes (and fonts) are a little wonky right now.  I'm still working on the best method to size and upload our photos.  I need to find a way to complete my editing workflow in a reasonable amount of time, since time (and energy) are going to be lacking here soon.  It's a work-in-progress!

Having said that, I love our new look - crisp, clean and bright.  Hope you like visiting our new nest, too!