Snow Days (posted 3/20)

It started about 3:30 in the morning...t

he tap-tap-tap of sleet against the window. Then the wind started blowing harder and harder. One thick sheet of ice later, we were trapped inside for what felt like FOREVER.

We made the best of it, huddling on the couch to keep warm.  The power went out for a short time, so we quickly took showers before the hot water ran out.  We weren't out of power more than a few hours, and once it was back on we kept busy by making cookies, watching cartoons and playing games.  We also built a fort, "Sam's Fort" we called it, and it was a great place to have lunch, snacks and read books.

While it was a fun adventure for the first few hours, it got old fast.  And by the fourth day of being inside with an almost-two-year-old I was climbing the walls.  We were all climbing the walls.  No one had really anticipated the storm would be quite that bad and for that long, so we were short on food, activities to keep us busy and patience!  There were no winter walks or making snowmen this time - it was all ice and very very cold outside.  And inside, the house was a


.  It's a good thing this kind of weather is unusual for Texas - I don't think I could handle being cooped up like that more than once in a great while...