Straight A's (posted 3/20)

95%. 90%. 90%. 

As in percentile for head, height and weight.  Sam got these "straight As" at his two-year-old check up.  Doc G. wrote on our take-home sheet "Big Boy".  He said we can go from whole milk to 2% milk.  Ya think?

He asked me if Sam was talking and I said he was.  He tried to get him to talk but Sam would only glare at him and bury his head in my shoulder.  Dr. G. continued his exam and later tried to get Sam to talk again - asked him his name and how old he was.  Sam wasn't having any of it and gave him the cold-shoulder again.  Doc asked me - "Are you SURE he's talking?" - not in a joking way, but with genuine concern.  HA!! 

Not to worry

Dr. G.  This kid talks.  Clearly.  In sentences.  ALL DAY LONG.  He just doesn't want to talk to the guy who jabs shots in his thigh, shines lights in his eyes and cleans out his ears with a long metal spoon!  Can you blame him? :)

Not only will Sam not talk to the doctor, he starts crying the minute they call us back to our exam room.  He screams when the nurse puts the measuring tape around his head and when I set him on the scale to be weighed.  It's major drama - so unnecessary, and so loud.  I know they're always glad to see us go.  Despite the screaming I felt Sam deserved a treat after we left the doctor's office so we stopped by the mall playground on our way home.  I took this picture before we left the doctor, knowing I'd taken one the year before, after his one-year-old check up.  Same carseat, too - look how much taller he is now.  Notice his red, tear-stained face, too.  Poor guy.

Happy Straight A's Sam!