Jumpin' Land

More like Slammin' Land.

I took Sam to a playdate at an indoor playground.  We wanted the kids to burn off some of their winter wiggles.  Sam took it a step further and burned some skin off his face - rug-burned that is.  He went down a slide that was just too slick and despite the fact I was right in front of him he kept going, on his belly, like a torpedo through the water, face-down on the indoor/outdoor carpeting.  He cried for a bit, but once I washed him off and determined the blood coming out of his nose was from a small cut and not internal bleeding, he wanted "DOWN Mama!" so that he could run and climb some more.  I shook for a good three hours, and checked him for concusion over the next couple of days. 

Other than that

it was a decent place, but the moms decided to try another one like it that we've heard better things about.  Hopefully we'll stay injury-free next time!