Squirrel Huntin', Flower Pickin', & Acorn Throwin'

Sam and I made a stop on the way home from the aquarium Friday. We decided to get out and stretch our legs at Addison Circle, where Mama lived when she first met Daddy. I took Sam to each of the parks I used to take Sophie to when she was just a puppy. He chased squirrels in Bosque Park and, before I could stop him, picked two pansies from the flower beds outside Pastazios Pizza. We played peakaboo around a lamp post and did the freeze dance at the dog park. We'd done a lot of driving and had a lot of wiggles to get out! Our final stop was at Quorum Park to visit the sunken fountain where I'd taken Sophie for pictures almost ten years ago. Sam had a blast throwing acorns into the fountain and I got a few more great pictures. It was a great way to end a fun fall day with my handsome boy!