The Big Orange Pumpkin Patch

It was SO big, and SO orange, we had to go twice!  The first time we went to Celina's famous Big Orange Pumpkin Farm, Brian and I took Sam on a Sunday afternoon, after waking Sam up from a short afternoon nap (a nap on Mama, no less). Late afternoon naps tend to make Sam cranky, as do naps cut short because we wake him up. He enjoyed the farm just not as much as we had expected. There was a lot of whining. A lot of whining. And I'm pretty sure we made the hayride fairly unpleasant for three other families. The massive crowds didn't help anybody's mood either!

But when we went with our playgroup, on a weekday, we pretty much had the place to ourselves and Sam had a bit more fun!  He enjoyed running around, feeding the goats and playing on the pumpkins.

Do I look like I'm ready for the hayride to be over?  Because I am.

And with both trips to the farm, we got to pick a small pumpkin straight off the vine.  Happy Fall!