Halloween, Round One

I think Noah would have welcomed this cute bee onto his ark with open arms.  Sam got to dress up for Mother's Day Out today. The kids could either be someone from the Bible or an animal on Noah's ark.  We had already found this cute bee costume, so we were all set for today.  Sam loves bees and has for a long time.  He can't say his zzz's yet, but he has a bee sound all his own and points out bees, real and otherwise, everywhere we go. 

We are planning on taking him trick-or-treating this Sunday.  Granny Nell and Vic and Gram and Pops are coming over to help us celebrate and I'll be taking lots of pictures for sure.  Until then, here's a preview of our little bee.  We took these pictures out front this morning before we left for school.  I like how they turned out, but I'm kicking myself for not getting a shot of his stinger.  Oh, well...on my to-do list for Sunday!