For the Birds

I decided Sam was ready for a project. I have a book called "Toddler Busy Book" full of ideas of fun things to do with toddlers. One suggestion for 18-24 month-olds was to make a pinecone bird feeder. We had pinecones that Great-great Aunt Carol had given me long ago and plenty of peanut butter in the pantry, all we needed was birdseed and we were ready to feed the birds.

Despite my attempts to keep from making too big a mess, we got peanut butter and birdseed everywhere. But we had fun. And Sam did really well. I was surprised at how good of a job he did spreading the peanut butter and sprinkling the birdseed on.  His favorite part was playing with a bowl of birdseed after we hung all the feeders! And now...we wait for birds!