And Then I Just Handed Him Over

It was a successful first day. We woke up around 7:30, our usual wake-up time, to get ready for our big day - the first day of Mother's Day Out. Sam's first day with someone other than Mama, Daddy, or Gram-and-Pops...

We started with big, healthy breakfast...


Made sure we had our lunch, napmat, presents for our teachers, and of course, blankie.

After a quick picture on the front porch, we were on our way!

Sam's teacher was very nice and greeted us outside the classroom.  Parents are supposed to say goodbye at the door, so I handed her his lunch, his mat and his diaper bag.  Sam was hanging on for dear life, sobbing as we discussed the cold he had last week and the fact that he was feeling better.  And then I just handed him over to her.  He cried pretty hard, but I don't know for how long.  I scooted down the hall so that he wouldn't see me!  But I heard him all the way down - and it's a looong hall...

I went straight home and kept very busy on my first toddler-free day: 

I swept the carpets.  I swept the floors. 
I wet-vac'd the carpets.  I wet-mopped the floors. 
I dusted EVERYTHING.  I did all the cleaning I can't do when Sam's around.  And before I knew it, it was time to for pick-up! 

When I arrived, Sam was sitting in his teacher's lap, sobbing.  His eyes were red and teary and he looked exhausted.  He even had blankie and binkie.   His teachers said he did actually have fun today, which was a great relief.  He also ate all his lunch and slept - fell totally asleep - for one whole hour!  On his napmat, no less!  What an accomplishment!

He squeezed me tight and said "Hi-eee" at least 10 times between his room and the car, and a couple times on the way home.  I think he was glad to see I really did come back for him!  And he is completely enthralled with the stamp on his hand.  He has shown it to us each several times tonight. 

He's a fairly happy guy this evening, dancing around and playing.  Now...can we do it all just two days?