Blast From the Past

Pops went up in the attic. Now Sam's got a whole new world of toys, some that belonged to Mama long ago, and some that belonged to Uncle Andrew, who is slowly but surely learning to share his toys nicely with his nephew.  Everything's in such good shape - amazing after 30+ years!

He also has a new room - Pops moved his office upstairs and then he and Gram set up that room for Sam to have all to himself while he's at their house.  His crib and toys used to be in their bedroom.  Now he has his own "baby cave" and it has even more old toys, mostly Uncle Andrew's, and a they're right within his reach in a big closet with a cool sliding door.  He's already napped three times in his crib and has done lots of singing, dancing and reading in his room.  The video here was taken the day of the "big reveal".  Thanks Gram and Pops!

Sam's New Room from Sara Straka on Vimeo.