Sam's Got Rhythm

This kid can keep a beat.

Last weekend, Sam and Gram and Pops and I went to the Denton Jazz Festival at Quakertown Park just off the square. We saw some bands, a clown making balloon animals, and a little train just for kids. Sam got a big balloon (two, actually) and we played on the swings at the playground in the park. The part Sam enjoyed the most was the preformance by the African Drumming and Dance group.

Sam ate during most of the performance, but he also danced. We get such a kick out of watching him. He really knows how to move for a 14-month-old. Gram commented the other day that he's the only baby she's ever known who can "shimmy" his shoulders. In this video he doing some kind of arm-thing. He's having a great time, that's for sure!

Little Eatin Little Dancin from Sara Straka on Vimeo.