Early Easter

The Easter Bunny stopped by early with a basket for Sam. This basket had a theme: balls, balloons and bubbles. How did the Easter Bunny know these are Sam's favorite things?

Not only were there balls and bubbles and balloons, there were snacks.  Snacks of all kinds.  Snacks hidden inside plastic eggs, basketballs, and chicks.  There were yogurt drops, baby goldfish, cheerios and peach poofs.  Because of all the snacks, Sam spent a long time just eating his way through his basket. 

(Here he is...signing for "more")

Once we were able to pry the snacks out of his chubby little hands, we all took a walk to the park to play on the swings and look at the ducks. 

We ended their visit with pizza and another bubble party in the backyard.  Then Sam had his first bubble bath with his new bubble soap. 

What a tasty, bubbly Easter celebration!

Easter Chick from Sara Straka on Vimeo.