The Best Time

I thought the best time to take bluebonnet photos would be a little before sunset. I was right...and wrong.  The light was great.

Sam - not so much.

I forgot that Sam's not always at his best in the late afternoon. This was kind of a last-minute, impromptu photo shoot and I didn't factor in Sam's mood. So, we didn't get the big-grinned shots I was hoping for, and there was a lot of whining, but we did get a few shots that are pretty good. We might go back and try again, we might not. Depends on how our little Texan feels. If we do go again, it will be in the morning, right after breakfast, when he's rested and his tummy is full.

(see, he's frowning here, but we'll pretend he's just concentrating as he studies that flower)