Today You Are 13 Months

Dear Samuel,This was your first month being "one" and you are learning so much each day. You are inquisitive, a fast learner, a good eater, and a hugger and a kisser. This month you:
*tried speaking several words - unfortunately all of them start with "b"; ball is a short "buh", balloon is a long

 "buuuuh", the sound a sheep makes is "baaaah", and book is just a quiet "b".
*started pointing to things and saying "uhh" when you want us to name something, take you to it, or fetch it

  for you; "you go get it" is usually our response.
*got your first top tooth
*continue to be impossible to grocery shop with, and now you think all the oranges in the produce section  

  are balls that YOU should get to hold and throw!
*went to the Chick-Fil-A playground
*had the same breakfast as Mama for the first time - apple muffins!
*had Goo for dinner; you're definitely our boy
*learned more body parts: hands (Mama kisses), hair, head, tummy and ear
*climbed the stairs at Gram and Pops' house - with Gram of course.
*began dancing, clapping and/or swaying when you hear music on the radio or coming from one of your

  many musical Fischer-Price friends...
*became obsessed with playing three things: ball, bubbles and Mama and Daddy's bed where you like to

  stand up, fall down and flop around. You ask for all three multiple times daily.
*clapped to the music during the closing song at storytime which the librarians found so cute
*learned how to get down from the couch on your own we need to teach you how to get on the

  couch by yourself
*continue to kiss and hug, but now do both on your own without us even asking you!
*learned some animal sounds - you say them if we ask or if you see them in a book: sheep (baaah), cow

  (mmmmm), and cat (high-pitched squeal)
*met your Kansas City family and loved loved loved your three new adoring fans
*had your one-year check-up and passed with flying colors!
*played hide-and-seek with Megan and now try to get Mama to play it all the time!
*played ball with Granny Nell and belly-laughed everytime she caught the ball or pretended to drop it.
*started riding in the car facing forward and you love it.
*waved to Beebo the signing bear during storytime.
*learned from Aunt Carol how to sign "more" - a much-used sign at mealtime
*planted flowers and seeds with Mama and Daddy.
*got some bumps and bruises as you are becoming even more active and taking more risks

Each month I sit down with your baby calendar and our family fridge calendar to write out your accomplishments and I always start out thinking, "what did he do this month that I could write about". I never expect to have the long, long lists I always end up with. You are so amazing!

Hugs and pats and kisses,