Today You Are 12 Months

Dear Samuel, Today you are twelve months and that is ONE YEAR!  You grew so much!  This month you:

started to play pat-a-cake with Momma
got your first cold - you had a stuffy nose and a cough but you were such a trooper!
celebrated your first Valentine's Day
learned where your eyes are
learned where Momma's hair is (and Daddy's and Gram's...)
spent the day with Gram and Pops while Mommy ran errands
found a new way to laugh - a cackle - and practiced it for three days straight
celebrated Pops' 60th birthday
continue to shake your head back and forth when we tell you no-no, and then do whatever you want anyway
learned it's fun to dump Sophie's water dish over (fun for you, not Mommy)
started pointing to your feet when we asked you where your shoes go
had fun chasing Mommy and Daddy around the house
spent lots of time running party errands with Momma
finally added the "oh" to "uh-oh"
discovered how fun it is to hug and hug and hugh some more
showed your stubborn side with by kicking those tantrums up a notch
got even better at cruising around the house - I can't beleive how quickly you get from one place to another
wore your first tie
became almost impossble to grocery shop with
got a third tooth
saw a big snowstorm - over 6 inches - we enjoyed the view from inside our cozy house
discovered the musical doorstops at Gram and Pops
give kisses when we ask you to
became more difficult to watch; you're always on the move
celebrated your first birthday with a balloon party!
had a couple of close-calls with Sophie - you like her more than ever, but your feelings are unrequited
give hugs when we ask you to and you pat our arms as an added bonus!

You were such a good baby.  You were rarely fussy, almost always happy, a good eater and a quick learner.  Everyone loved little baby Sam.  But I'm glad you're getting bigger and learning to do more things because we are going to have so much fun together! 

I love you.