Today You Are 11 Months

Dear Samuel, This time last year I was exhausted, not sleeping through the night and my back hurt like the dickens because you were so heavy. Here we are, one year later and nothing's changed! Except now I'm worn out because we play so hard, and I'm up at night because you want to cuddle, and my back aches because of all the fun games we play. I like that much better!

The last few weeks have been quite eventful for you, Baby Sam. This past month you:

started "reading" books on your own; you're so cute flipping through the pages, even if sometimes you read the book backwards
celebrated your first Christmas and New Year's Day
spent two very special days with your Uncle Randy
drove your stroller-car through Stonebriar Mall - beep beep!
saw snow for the first time on Christmas Eve and again a couple days later
grew out of your infant seat and are now enjoying a roomy toddler car seat (still backwards, though)
got your first haircut from Momma - I just trimmed the back a little
officially started crawling, all over the house, on New Year's Eve
pulled up on Daddy's leg a couple of days after crawling
discovered how fun it is to toss things over the side of your crib, your
high-chair, and the grocery cart
started cruising up and down the couch
learned to say "Mmmmmmm" when Moose A. Moose comes on the TV screen
stood up in your crib for the first time
figured out all by yourself to point to your feet when Mommy asks you, "Sam, where do your socks go?"
got your second tooth - bottom front, next to the first tooth
said what Mommy's going to count as your first word - while at CostCo you looked at Gram's jacket, 
pointed to one of the buttons and said "buh" - so smart!
started scowling, a face you make when you bump your head or have to do something that 
you don't want to do

enjoyed cuddling on the couch in the morning with Daddy, watching Jack's Big Music Show
started taking a bath in the big-boy bath tub, with all your toys, too!
learned how to sigh a big, long sigh after Mommy sighs a big long sigh

started pointing to Mommy's teeth, in addition to her nose, when she asks you where they are
ate spaghetti for the first time - yum!
continued charming the pants off of everyone who meets you!

The picture I got of you in your chair was the only good one out of about 20. The rest of them looked like the one below - blurry, with you trying to escape the chair and pull things off your table. This picture pretty much sums up this month - constant motion and curiosity - and you're not even walking yet!


But that's okay buddy. You're a bundle of fun. I expect next month to be eventful as well and we'll celebrate the end of the month with a special Balloon Party, just for you!

Love you bud,