We Are Thankful

We are so thankful that Papa and Grandma came to visit us. It made for a very special Thanksgiving.

They arrived at our house late-morning on Wednesday. Sam was just waking up from a nap as they walked through the door, so Papa and Grandma joined us in getting Sam out of bed. He was sleepy and a little shy at first, but he really warmed up quickly.

The first order of business was opening the presents Grandma and Papa brought for Samuel.  They brought two handsome outfits - one to wear while watching baseball with Daddy - and a really colorful bag that was fun to look at!

Sam showed Grandma and Papa all his toys while I finished getting lunch ready.

Grandma was good at playing giraffe. She really kept those blocks moving!

After a yummy lunch and a tour of the neighborhood, everybody took a little snooze. Then it was time for more toys! Papa was really good at the musical keys. He just kept pushing that sunshine button and singing Sam those nursery rhymes. I'm not sure how excited Papa Emil is to have this video on the blog, but it's just too sweet to keep hidden in the camera. What a great Papa!

A Sing Along with Papa from Sara Straka on Vimeo.

After all that playing our tummies were starting to rumble so we headed to Plano and ate at Mi Cocina, (which also happens to be Uncle Jeff's favorite Texas restaurant).

The Christmas tree and lights were up and looked so pretty. Sam was such a good boy and enjoyed his baby food at the table with the grown-ups.

We took a stroll to see the lights before heading for home.
Such a fun first day with Grandma and Papa!