Santa Kisses

We visited Santa today. Sam did great.  Not only was he the most handsome little guy, he was very brave.  Santa's helper gave us a suggestion they find to be helpful with the little ones:  don't let Sam see Santa while we're waiting, then back him up and plop him on The Big Guy's lap.  That's just what we did and it worked!  We didn't get a smile out of him, but we didn't get tears either.  And Sam got a bonus - kisses from Santa!  While I worked with one of the helpers to pick out the best photo, Santa gave Samuel lots of little smooches on his chubby cheeks.  It didn't seem to bother him, although, he still hadn't looked behind him to see whose lap he was sitting on. 

I wonder what he asked for for Christmas...Toys?  Things to hammer?  Food?  Yeah, probably food.