The Wonder That Is WonderPets

If I need some time to get things done without a certain little monkey crawling all over me, four o'clock is the time to do it. That's when WonderPets is on, the only show Sam will sit and watch.  He pretty much ignores all other tv shows, which is good.  But there's something about those WonderPets.

"Linny, Tuck and Ming-Ming, too. You're WonderPets and Sara loves you."

I don't know if he most likes the child-like voices, the combination of photographed and illustrated animation or the repetitive (very repetitive) jingle that I wake up singing at three in the morning, but whatever it is, it gets his undivided attention.

He even likes the WonderPets board books - we check them out at the library. Yeah, that's a bit tough for a former elementary school teacher. All that wonderful children's literature out there and my son likes a book with pretty much no plot based on a cartoon (eye roll). But he's enjoying a book, so I guess that's good...for now. And if his love of these three superhero critters buys me some time a few afternoons a week, I'll take it. Plus, look how cute he is in front of the giant tv.