Today You Are Seven Months

Dear Samuel, Little boy! You are so much fun! You have grown a lot over the past four weeks. While you were six months you...

had a great six months check up with Dr. Guetersloh - you started out the month at 18.6 pounds

hung out with Mommy in the kitchen while I made baby food
tried peas and green beans (yucky), squash, sweet potatoes and carrots (yum), apples, pears, bananas and prunes (YUM-YUM!)
started creeping all around the room
began to pivot on your tummy, round and round
propped up on your knees and forearms once for about 3 seconds
took Granny Nell to McKinney
rolled under your crib to play with your toys
chewed on "Hoot" - the first toy Mommy made for you
spent the day with Gram and Pops while Mommy took her sewing class
worked your first yard sale with Mommy and Daddy
were referred to as "she" by strangers in public on five seperate occasions - which is okay with me, it's just because your little face is so beautiful!
started hanging on to Mommy like a little baby monkey
watched your first cartoon - WonderPets on Noggin - you were mesmerized!
practiced sitting up on your own - you are almost there
started wearing your doggie jammies again...two sizes bigger this time!

Thanks for making each day so much fun for us, Sam. We love you!