Working Mother

I've been a working mother this week. I've had to be up at school quite a bit, cleaning out my classroom and packing everything up. Most of my trips up there needed to be without Samuel, so Tuesday, Thursday and Friday he stayed home with his daddy. The first time I came home, this is what I was told when I asked for the full report: my men had spent all day watching the History Channel, "eating, burping and scratching". They were bonding in their own special way, I guess. Brian did a good job taking care of Little Bird. He dressed him that first day in, what I think, was a very appropriate t-shirt to wear while spending the day with Daddy, along with some not-really-matching pants. (*wink*) He fed Sam, played with him and read him stories. I think they had a pretty good time together!

Thanks, Daddy, for letting me be the Working Mother I needed to be this week. I'm now officially DONE!