Weekend, Part 2

I'm one lucky Mommy. Despite being exhausted from helping me all night with a fussy Samuel, Brian was up at 8:00, ready to make my first Mother's Day special. When I walked into the kitchen, there were pretty pink flowers on the table, which was set for breakfast, a card from each of my guys, a present from Brian (a journal), a framed photo of Sam with his Mother's Day sign, and a sweet letter from Sam. After our special dairy-free breakfast (fancy scrambled eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes and waffles with peanut butter), we got dressed and made our way to Granny Nell's for Sam's first visit to Duncanville. We all had fun visiting, exchanging gifts and playing with Baby Sam.

Unfortunately, Brian had to work later that evening, but Sam and I still had fun with Gram, Pops and Uncle Andrew, who stopped by for a visit. Gram and Pops helped with Sam's bath for the first time which was interesting to say the least. I forgot to warn Pops that the water that comes out of the vegetable sprayer is pretty cold at first, and instead told him to spray Sam's head while I get the shampoo out. Boy can Sam can get red when he holds his breath and screams! He had a tough time recovering from that bath.

Gram and Pops gave me a couple of special First Mother's Day gifts. Gram found a book about Mommies for Sam and I to read together, and Pops gave me a Willow Tree angel holding a litte baby bird, just hatched from his egg. Doesn't get more perfect than that, does it?
Thanks to everyone for a special Mommy's Day. :)